Radiant Worlds

You ask to go see the dragons in the den. The little fire dragon hops out of the tree excitedly and runs down the left path quickly.

"Yes! We never get visitors, I can't wait to show you! oh, maybe they'll show you the cool gems we have too! Follow me!"

You follow the dragon down the almost overgrown path to the mouth of a cave covered in ivy and other greenery. It pauses at the entrance to tell you something:

"Oh by the way...I was kinda kidding about my fangs and all that, but I should tell you that big dragons care a lot about respect, and they're more serious than I am, ok? Just don't steal anything. I'm just saying because some humans did that a long time ago, but you seem trustworthy. Anyways...come in!"

You walk through the cave entrance and find that it seems bigger on the inside than it looks on the outside. The stone walls appear to have mostly been carved by the land a long time ago, but a few places seem to have been cut by claw. Ivy and flowers decorate the walls, but there are no windows. There's a archway to another room across from the entrance, as well as stone stairs going up. Perched on the stairs is a bright blue winged dragon, and sitting on a rather comfy looking moss pile is a large green earth dragon, both of whom notice you as you walk in.

The earth dragon says: Hello there. I see our feisty little one has brought a new friend, hmm? Haha, well, it's good to meet you. I'm known as Peat.

The sky dragon says: Uh yeah hey! Me too. Oh, I'm Clouddancer. So, you know Peppers? Oh, you've just met today?

You and all the dragons chat for a while, with Peppers exctied about finally meeting new humans that way he can tell them legendary stories about dragons, Peat just being glad that Peppers is getting along with new people and not getting stepped on, and Clouddancer talking about the weather lately, the food they've been having lately, how many colors is the sun (???), and whatever else comes to mind.

You chat for quite a while before you hear a grumble from the archway...and a big ice dragon pokes its head out! It seems rather unhappy...

"Snff... how are you all still talking- and WHAT is a HUMAN doing in here? In our lair?? I've never even seen you before!!!"

The large white dragon is quite intimidating, and Peppers seems nervous too.
"H-huh, don't be mad Snowdrift! I think this human is good, I'm just showing them around, that's all!"
"What? Why do you trust this human so quickly? I'm not letting one in just so soon now! Get out, both of you!"

The Clouddancer seems exasperated and tries to calm the ice dragon, but Peat looks to you and Peppers calmly (though perhaps a bit embarrassed);
"Here, why don't you two look around the rest of the forest, outside... he's still not ready to trush humans again. You be safe, okay?"

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