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You have landed on the index of Radiant Worlds! This is my personal website for learning HTML and other such things. Thanks for visiting!


February 2022 - Dragon shrine page finally added! Yay!
January 2022 - Happy new year! Art updated, links added yeah!
November 2021 - Just checking in...some typos were fixed
April 2021 - Woah! ANOTHER new layout, now from scratch! Site wide updates! Hey, try hovering on some images! :)
August 2020 - Oh boy. It's time for an update, but it's mostly little things.
January 2020 - Many small updates.
October 2019 - Gallery was updated! Hawsey and more pages updated!
July 2019 - Many links added!
July 2018 - Lots of bestiary pages added!
December 2017 - Over 10 new pages!
September 2017 - Bestiary pages introduced!
August 2016 - Moved to Neocities! Hooray!