My Art

Links out

neocities.org | The site host! You can learn to make a basic website for free.
gimp.org | GIMP is a fantastic art program that I've been using for 10+ years now.
firealpaca.com | FireAlpaca is also a very good art program I've been using lately.

districts.neocities.org | Districts, a site directory for neocities! A good place to find new sites.
rxqueen.neocities.org | An awesome website with a cute and cool feel.
lilyblossom.neocities.org | A fansite about a cool and mysterious pony.
garyland.neocities.org | A pokémon fansite dedicated to the great Gary Oak.

bogleech.com | Creepy creature design, bizarre biology, Pokémon reviews and a comic!
w3schools.com | A website where you can learn HTML, CSS and more. My site wouldn't look good without it!
famfamfam.com | Silky smooth free icons! I use them in the bestiary pages.
amp-what.com | Are you looking are a certain symbol⁈ Quickly find any unicode character here.
colorlab.wickline.org/colorblind/colorlab/ | 216-color picker with colorblindness checker, I use it to choose colors for the site!

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