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The Nameless Forest

You are teleported to a forest, surrounded by green with no forest's-edge in sight. The air is humid but the breeze is cool, and you can smell the flowers as you walk. Trees as tall as buildings block your view of the sky, so you must walk down the path ahead of you.
As you walk along the path, you see something in the distance. As you come closer, you see a winged lion sitting on a large tree stump:

"Hello, welcome to the forest. My name is Ararin. Here live the creatures who were once from a faraway place called The Nameless Forest, and were brought to this new forest by fate. Please, come meet my friends."

A hooved animal is walking through, and stops to greet you.
"Hey! Are you new? Yeah, I moved here some time ago. I'm a teola, they're from a different forest. But I like being here, it's pretty spacious too. There are these interesting flowers I saw, they smell good but DON'T eat them they taste REALLY bad! What did they look like? Oh, I think they were red and yellow...or was it lime? It's hard to tell sometimes, I think some creatures have different color vision? Like one time I heard that birds can see ultra-violet, I think that's a color the sun makes, right? Well I guess the sun makes all the colors doesn't it? Anyways..."
Ararin smiles at the teola, but is also gently trying to walk past it.
Ararin says: "My apologies...he is a good fellow, but he does not seem to know how much talk is appropriate. Here, let's move on..."
He waves goodbye to the talkative teola with his wing, and it waves back in turn, though apparently still talking about something.

You continue to walk down the path through the forest, brushing against various ferns, flowers and trees. Under a fell tree, you see a something move:
Ararin says: "Ah yes, there are also many little inhabitants in the forest, though they usually do not speak. That is no reason not to treat every creature with kindness, of course..."

A pegasus stands where there are few trees. "My name is Laehah, I help to transport others. I can take you to see the creatures up in the clouds, if you'd like."
ride the pegasus

The Nameless Forest