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Hello and welcome to my web page dedicated to the mythical creatures known as dragons! 🐉 (...and many other names!)
Ever since I was little I have always loved these terrible and awesome beasts, reading stories and drawing, I even used to argue that they were technically real because komodo dragons and gliding lizards exist.
While there are many web pages about dragons, I knew I had to make one of my own...

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Here are some links to cool websites with information and art about dragons!

This section includes cyberpets I've adopted from other websites. Please don't take those dragons from here, visit those sites and you can discover your very own!

Dragon Cave is a place where you can find pixel art dragon eggs and raise them with clicks! I've been there since 2010! :D

Flight Rising is a petsite featuring unique dragon breeds, stories and lore, breeding and customization and more! I've been there since 2013!

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My outstanding dragon trait is
Reptilian Appearance

As many people have found out, not all dragons look like reptiles. However, I am one of those dragons that has the appearance of different lizards. Not only does this give me a unique gift, but it also makes me quite...scary...especially to young children.

What's your outstanding dragon trait?

Green Dragon - Peaceful, Regenerative, Mysterious

I am a Green Dragon

Peaceful, Regenerative, Mysterious. With supernatural powers of healing, a green dragon is a formidable enemy with endless energy. [Read more...]

What dragon color are you?

Certificate: Test results

*You are 30% a Black Dragon!*
Black dragons are introverted and mysterious creatures. They prefer to be alone so that's why they don't have many friends... if they even have friends. People usually think that these dragons are 666% evil but it's not true though they have black and cold heart. They have also nice side what they try to hide. Favorite season of a black dragon is autumn and they live in forests near water or in swamps.
23% of 15116 quiz participants had this profile!

Your score wasn't clear. You could also get this result:
*You are 30% a Green Dragon!*
Green dragons love nature and animals and are very respective against them. They are kindhearted and protective towards their friends and cruel against their enemies. Spring is favorite season of a green dragon and they can be found from forest all around the world.

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