Radiant Worlds

History of this site

I made my first website on Freewebs sometime around 2009. It was then known as RandomNess World and had some doodles, blogging and roleplay, but not much else. I didn't really know HTML, just copied and pasted code things from other websites, barely customizing them since I couldn't be bothered to actually learn things. It was what you'd expect of a site made by a kid at that time, Random marquees, DO NOT CLICK! pages, those old slightly suspicious chatroom clients, that kind of stuff. It was until the day I accidentally deleted the website permanently with a mis-click. (I think the ability to delete your entire site without any kind of confirmation, "are you sure?" pop-ups or backup options is a bad design, by the way...) I was too mad and devastated to re-make the site, and didn't bother with it for a few years.

Eventually I found Neocities, and saw all the cool sites being hosted on it, and unsatisfied with the options Webs, Weebly and other sites were giving me, I finally made an account in August 2016. I actually tried to LEARN HTML and not just copy things from other sites. Granted, the first few layouts used templates, and the code is very similar to whatever I'm learning from, but it's a heck of a lot better than I started. At least I don't use tables! W3schools is a lot of help in particular. Hopefully the site will flesh out well as I learn more, have more ideas, and become better at this! :)

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