About Me

Howdy, I'm Maud FS! You can call me Maud or Amdy though. I'm the webmaster and creator of this site. I live in Georgia, Untited States. I prefer neutral pronouns but any are okay.

Taurus, Tiger, INTJ-T, 5w6-9, True Neutral

Creating things, dragons and fantastic creatures, taking walks, playing videogames, listening to music, collecting and sorting things, learning and science, surfing the internet.
Needles, being timed, when computers restart without warning.

Favorite shows: Cartoons in general, Mythbusters, Gravity Falls, NCIS, My Cat From Hell, Criminal Minds.
Favorite music: Nine Inch Nails, Tobacco, DJ Technorch, Gorillaz, Girls Rituals.
Favorite games: Pokémon, Spyro, Dino Run, Flight Rising.

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DeviantArt: MaudFS
Twitter: Maud_FS