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General Information

SPECIES: Unicorn
SEX: Male (he/him)
AGE: Adult
DIET: Herbivore
HABITAT: Mountain, roams
SIZE: 4', 160 lbs.
DESCRIPTION: A lean creature with yellowish-tan fur, a dark teal mane and socks with light strips, teal skin and underbelly. Bright yellow hooves, fangs and a single centered horn. Teal and yellow eyes with horizontal pupils.


FLAVOR TEXT: Confident, positive, sassy. Doesn't like to be tied down. it's hard to get him to stay in one place for long, but he does VERY much love to teach others about stuff...esp little ones. if he ever get old enough to stop travelling he'd be like a professer he is roughly the same age as wuvzy and burvy but he dont have kids. if you can get him to sit down hed show you little electricity tricks and stuff. But he is no fool. He is one of few to be actually... very educated about a wide range of knowledge. he knows how to read...he knows the secrect to ball lightning. don't think about it too hard.
ALIGNMENT: Neutral Good
LIKES: climbing, sightseeing, learning, teaching. flirting...
DISLIKES: being confined, tied down. boredom.
DREAM: far-reaching

Battle Stats

STATS: ++Special Attack +Speed -Defence
MOVES: Kick, Horn jab, thunder wave, agility, rock climb
ABILITIES: Can climb steep mountains, comfortable in high altitudes. Electric resistance, can re-route electricity through horn and hooves.
WEAKNESS: Poor swimmer, becomes anxious when unable to view the sky (like underground)

Other Info

PLACE OF ORIGIN: Near lake Shera
HISTORY: Created late 2016
INSP: Raijin, Raikou (Pokemon)

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