Radiant Worlds


Physical Information

SPECIES: Domestic dog (dachshund mix)
GENDER: Other (they/them preferred, any OK)
AGE: 22 (05/1998)
SIZE: 105 lbs. 5'2" (anthro) | Small (feral)
HABITAT: Urban, Forest's edge
DIET: Omnivore, Picky
DESCRIPTION: A black-and-red (or liver-and-red) dachshund with long wavy fur and medium-long dark hair. Has red socks, muzzle to the throat with dark parts under the eyes, red from chest to tail base, and tail and ear tips. Gold or hazel eyes. Usually drawn with long eyelashes and overbite, though cutely. Is nearsighted, wears thin black frames when anthro. Has two piercings in each ear.


FLAVOR TEXT: My primary fursona! Shy, quiet, reserved, generally very calm. Likes to take walks, but not very athletic past that.
ALIGNMENT: Neutral Neutral
LIKES: sweet tea, cherry soda, fried food, collecting things, colorful things, surfing the internet, cyberpets, drawing and art, video games
DISLIKES: yelling, arguments, being timed, waking up early, fruit flies
DREAM: creation
THEME MUSIC: Jerry Paper - Reprogram Ourselves | Nine Inch Nails - A Warm Place | T99 - Anasthasia | Yes - Owner Of A Lonely Heart

Battle Stats

STATS: ???
MOVES: Rest, Sketch
ABILITIES: Stealth, Adaptability
WEAKNESS: Picky, becomes overwhelmed/mentally tired quickly


PLACE OF ORIGIN: Atlanta, Georgia, United States
HISTORY: First drawn as a black and tan dachshund in 2014.
MISC: Can be realistic colors or more reddish color palette.

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