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Mx. Nefelodis Tenebrosus Jayce Atramentous, the Night Terror of Estfaake

Physical Information

SPECIES: Dream dragon
GENDER: Genderless (he/they/she/xe)
AGE: Adult
SIZE: Varies
HABITAT: Mindscape
DIET: Dream eater
DESCRIPTION: Hawsey typically takes the form of a long dragon-like creature with green scales, a teal stripe starting from the nose going down the spine to the tail, Teal marking gloves with single stripes above the wrist, Light yellow scales starting under the chin going down the belly and to the tail, Two straight horns above the eyes with light yellow tips and teal stripes, A messy mane of cherry red medium length hair, Dark eyes with bright yellow irises and pinpoint pupils, and capable of dreamlike shapeshifting. The physical object is dragon's blood jasper carved in the shape of a snake with round citrine eyes.


FLAVOR TEXT: Naughty, bold, sassy, mischievous. They like to play games with people particularly mind games, puns, and tricks. Weird or unexpected rules are interesting and funny to them and they like improv.
LIKES: Toying with other's dreams, roleplay, joking about
DISLIKES: Insomnia, being ignored
DREAM: pandemonium
THEME MUSIC: DJ TECHNORCH vs UNURAMENURA - Mind of Mind | Metallica - Enter Sandman | Flying Lotus - Velvet cake Mix2

Battle Stats

STATS: +Special
MOVES: Hypnosis, dream eater, nightmare, confusion
ABILITIES: Can visit a sleeping creature's dreams and appear in or direct them. Staying in a dream longer than the creature would normally sleep causes sleep paralysis until Hawsey leaves or wakes the creature up. Can levitate. Limited shapeshifting
WEAKNESS: Mostly incorporeal in the physical world, has to interact with others through dreams or altered states of consciousness


PLACE OF ORIGIN: Apparently, Estfaake
HISTORY: Created by MaudFS in March 2019.
INSPIRATION: Sleep paralysis, cursed objects.

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