Radiant Worlds


Physical Information

SPECIES: Shapeshifter
GENDER: Genderfluid (any pronouns)
AGE: Adult (05/1998)
SIZE: Varies (may be as small as a Cotton Mouse or as large as a Black Bear)
HABITAT: Forest and Forest's edge
DIET: Omnivore
DESCRIPTION: Common in all forms is a warm brown base coat color, lighter underside and socks, and a dark stripe running from forehead to tail tip, often with extra stripes running downwards from it, magenta skin, and typically gold or hazel eyes. Often has a long tail and long ears, and always has a significant overbite of the front teeth. May have wings or even multiple limbs. Exact colors and body configuration may vary.


FLAVOR TEXT: My secondary fursona! Moody, curious, searching.
ALIGNMENT: Neutral Neutral
LIKES: Exploring landscapes, learning new things, running and walking, catching lizards, creating things.
DISLIKES: Being overwhelmed, socializing, cluttered space
DREAM: endless transformation
THEME MUSIC: Gorillaz - DARE | Bôa - Twilight | Prodigy - Out Of Space (Juke It With Raveman Remix) | Wissshhh - once on the brightest night | DJ Technorch - Love Love Love You I Love You (Eye's by Eyes Remix)

Battle Stats

STATS: ???
MOVES: Bite, Take Down, Transform, Cut, Scary Face, Endure
ABILITIES: Shapeshifting, Tracking, Flight
WEAKNESS: Absent minded, quick to flee


PLACE OF ORIGIN: Faraway place
OCCUPATION: continued existence
HISTORY: Created in 2019 by MaudFS

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